LA SEXTA. Equipo de investigación: «The invisible enemy»

The space presented by Gloria Serra deals with the subject of bacteria, showing where they hide and how they are capable of multiplying in record time. Every day we are in contact with billions of bacteria. They are in the air, in food, in water, in our own body… we are surrounded by them. A kiss on the mouth transfers 80 million bacteria. A smartphone screen can contain 600 types of these microorganisms, while a clean toilet contains more than 20. The program travels to a town in Ciudad Real where more than 200 residents fall ill due to bacteria. Equipo de Investigación also discovers that there is a place where bacteria are becoming invincible: hospitals, a true focus of infections. Every year 250,000 people are infected, especially patients who enter operating theaters. They have gone from being the most sterile places to being the most dangerous. Only antibiotics can kill bacteria, but they are wearing off. According to scientists, this is because we are overmedicated and not just us, but also animals. More antibiotics are given to healthy animals than to sick humans. The UN has issued a warning about the situation. Either we start to take action or by 2050 bacterial infections may kill more people than cancer or cardiovascular disease.