Biobide is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) focused on Zebrafish technologies and services working under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) in automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning environment to offer High Content Screening (HCS) assays with the zebrafish and other aquatic models (algae, daphnia…). During more than 16 years working in zebrafish for the Pharma, Biotech, Chemical, and Cosmetic industry the company has developed and provided an extensive pipeline of toxicity and efficacy assays using the zebrafish, such as teratogenicity, neurotoxicity and neurodevelopmental toxicity,  cardiac toxicity, hepatic toxicity, kidney toxicity or otic toxicity, as well as efficacy assays in different areas such as neurodegenerative diseases and rare diseases, oncology and immunology, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, or infectious diseases. Moreover, based on the expertise developed during all those years Biobide can design and validate any tailor-made assay for solving any questions clients might have, working together in a team effort.

Zebrafish: Alternative animal model for reducing/replacing animal testing

Biobide’s main goal is to enhance productivity and minimize risks through a new custom-built service concept with alternative animal models under 3R´s (Reduction, Replacement, and Refinement of animals).

Biobide has focused its research on the development of disease animal models and transgenic lines that could help evaluate the potential toxicity or efficacy of compounds, thanks to Tol-2, Crispr-Cas, and other innovative technologies.  The company participates in different projects focused on validating and standardizing zebrafish assays with OECD, NIH/NIEH, NTP, FDA, or EPA, for example, the Teratogenicity assay in the SEAZIT project with the NTP, NIH/NIEH, or the Neurodevelopmental toxicity assay inclusion in the OECD Guidelines with the OECD-DNT Consortium, working towards the validation and acceptance of the zebrafish model worldwide.

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Draconis Pharma S.L. is a company created in 2011 with the aim of providing research and preclinical development services for new treatments in the field of inflammation and immunology.

Our clients are provided with a personalized testing service to assess the ability to modulate the immune response (bioassays with human primary cells or tissues) and its translation into animal models of inflammatory diseases. All experimental models can be characterized ex-vivo by studying the profile of immune cells from different tissue samples (flow cytometry, Luminex or gene expression).

The biological characterization of our treatments is evaluated through a custom-built design of a battery of experiments focused on the study of physicochemical, ADME (in vitro) and pharmacokinetic (in vivo) properties supported with our bioanalytical platform.

Draconis Pharma is also working on strategic and collaboration agreements for the development of new technology and new therapies.

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ESED Cyber Security & IT Solutions is a 100% focused Cyber Security company. ESED offers a wide range of Cyber Security services, the company flagship service called ESED Attack provides full driven Cyber Security assessments such as real active attack testing and evaluation with the warranty of zero production affectation or downtime.

ESED provides services for small, mid-size and big companies; because of their escalation technology, full company range can be covered.

Due to development team expertise in top notch technologies, development services are offered to selected partners, with 4 main points in mind: scalability, performance, quality and security.

ESED is present in many industries, and is well positioned in the Biotech sector, providing data security to valuable data generated as a result of research and scientific community efforts.

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GalChimia is a CRO that offers specialized services in Discovery, Process, and Analytical Chemistry for the pharma, biotech, and agrochemical industries. Founded in 2001, GalChimia has become an entity of reference in Europe in Organic Synthesis thanks to the dedication and passion for chemistry of our team. Our range of services covers all the stages of product development:

Discovery Chemistry: We design, evaluate and develop new routes of synthesis for the production of New Chemical Entities. GalChimia provides support for the Hit-To-Lead and Lead Optimization phases of Drug Development, but we also supply scaffolds, building blocks, focused libraries, reference standards, metabolites, and impurities.

Process Chemistry: We design and optimize economical, reproducible and scalable synthetic routes for industrial production. This service includes a detailed examination of the state of the art, the development of non-infringement routes, evaluation of critical parameters, optimization of the reaction variables, and the development of analytical methods.

Analytical Chemistry: We provide full analytical support both internally and in response to external requests: full characterization of chemical products, screening/development/validation of analytical methods, chiral and achiral separations, identi­fication of impurities and accelerated stability studies.

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The microbiology research group of the Hospital Universitario de La Coruña (HUAC)-Instituto Investigación Biomédica A Coruña (INIBIC) has an extensive and prolific track record in the field of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance. It has published more than 300 scientific articles on this or related subjects, as well as 9 national or international patents related to the development of diagnostic techniques or bacterial vaccines, for application in human or veterinary health. It is a multidisciplinary group capable of tackling scientific problems (microbiological or infectious pathology) from multiple points of view: classical microbiology, molecular diagnosis, bacterial genetics, genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, vertebrate or invertebrate animal models, bioinformatics, etc. Basic academic research, as well as clinical-translational is a differentiating aspect of this group.

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inLab FIB UPC is a research and innovation laboratory of the Barcelona School of Informatics at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech that specializes in applications and services based on the latest ICT technologies
inLab FIB UPC has over 40 years of experience collaborating in cutting-edge projects, creating customized solutions for public and private institutions and organizations, and providing learning labs specialized in informatics engineering.

inLab has a staff of approximately 70 people, including academic and technical staff and students form our the inLab team, located on the Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC).
inLab FIB is a member of the CIT UPC center, currently one of the largest technology centers in volume of technology transfer from Catalonia and cooperates with other members of the CIT UPC in complex and multidisciplinary projects.
inLab FIB is a member of the Digital Cluster. The Digital Cluster is a meeting place formed by a group of companies, entities and research groups with a common link: ICT.
Since 2019, ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness, an entity attached to the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya, has accredited inLab FIB as a  TECNIO agent.

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We are a public laboratory specializing in clinical analysis that provides support to health centers included in the Public Network of Catalonia, both in the performance of their diagnostic tests and in the direct management of their laboratories.  

Our mission is to offer a clinical analysis service to support health professionals in clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic decisions, with a strong commitment to quality and training, providing users with an information and laboratory management service in keeping with standards of technical quality set by international benchmarks, all within a framework of sustainability and permanent innovation as a tool for continuous

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The González-Bello research group of the Center for Research in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Materials (CiQUS) of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) is focused on the development of novel antibacterial agents with an innovative mechanism of action by studying the potential of unexplored bacterial targets. The group has also broad experience in the application of powerful complementary tools for drug design and discovery, such as protein X-ray crystallography and simulation studies of biomacromolecules, that provide information about the molecular basis of novel targets involved in important diseases from a multidisciplinary approach beyond chemistry.

More information on González-Bello’s group here.

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Welab Barcelona is a singular initiative of the technological centre of excellence Leitat, a trademark of the non-profit private entity Acondicionamiento Tarrasense. We provide Drug Discovery and Preclinical Development services from the idea up to the preclinical phase. The platform includes AI drug design, compound library, medicinal and analytical chemistry, in vitro and in vivo assays in the areas of efficacy and safety pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology. Our team comprises a highly motivated group of scientists, ranging from early licensed professionals to senior collaborators, with an average of more than 15 years of experience in the field. We foster a culture of innovation and dedication, driven by our passion for advancing pharmaceutical science. More information, please contact us at

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