ABAC Therapeutics joins the One Health platform oriented towards a comprehensive approach to Health

The One Health Platform is a state-wide network that unites the efforts of more than 100 national collegiate organizations, associations, foundations and companies belonging to different fields and sectors, giving it the interdisciplinary and intersectoral nature that the “One Health” concept requires.

This concept refers to the health of people, animals and ecosystems. In this way, veterinarians, pharmacists, occupational therapists, dietitians and nutritionists, doctors, podiatrists, or nurses, as well as professional associations, health and veterinary companies and communicators, among others, are represented on this platform.

Among the objectives of the association, we have the promotion of the One Health movement among the general public, as well as among key institutions in decision-making and the creation of scenarios that facilitate interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration.

Maite Martín is president of the One Health Platform in Spain and dean of the Veterinary Faculty of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). «The concept of health is so broad that it requires transversality,» she says; on the other hand, «in order to achieve global goals, it is essential to bring together the sum of individual efforts in an inclusive work network that makes it possible to address health from a global perspective».