Precision antimicrobial agents; a new paradigm for saving lives with the One Health vision

We are committed to finding new therapeutic solutions for patients fighting infections, searching for first-in-class pathogen-specific compounds with novel mechanisms of action. Selective antibiotics will be the builders of a new era in the treatment of infectious diseases based on precision medicine. These new therapeutic solutions will minimize adverse effects on the microbiome and comorbidities induced by current treatments, as well as reduce the selection of resistant strains and the impact on the microbiological biodiversity of natural ecosystems, in line with the One Health paradigm

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ABAC Therapeutics team is committed to finding innovative therapeutic solutions to protect the lives of patients infected with AMR, and fight one of the most serious global health crises, the "silent pandemic", in addition to promote a paradigm shift in the treatment of infectious diseases in general, through selective antibiotics and precision medicine to safeguard people's lives and well-being.

The ABAC team is supported by a consortium of collaborators and partners committed to the company's objectives. A multidisciplinary team of experts and advisers with knowledge and entrepreneurial vision, targeted at productivity and delivery. In an environment based on transparency, communication, respect and teamwork, all focused on achieving success

Medical need

million deaths now

AMR currently kills more than 1.27 million people around the world every year

million deaths in 2050

Deaths could rise to 10 million by 2050 if urgent actions are not taken to tackle drug-resistance

billion euros

The global economic impact may reach 100 billion euros, and millions of people could fall into extreme poverty.


ABAC Therapeutics foresees that precision treatments using pathogen-specific and narrow spectrum antimicrobial agents with novel mechanisms of action will constitute the next generation of anti-infective treatments.

The novel antibiotics will eliminate exclusively the pathogenic bacteria, minimizing any treatment-induced co-morbidities by broad spectrum compounds, such as untoward effects on the human microbiota. Besides, pathogen-specific and narrow spectrum agents will delay the selection of resistant strains

ABAC Therapeutics anticipates that the anti-infective treatments of the future will be like that of current cancer therapies, whereby novel highly-targeted drugs are used in the eligible population, applying fast companion diagnostics to identify responders.

This new strategy for the treatment of infectious diseases will, in addition to benefiting patients, respect the environment.

ABAC Therapeutics’ vision is not limited to discovering compounds to combat AMR. ABAC intends to lead a novel and disruptive paradigm, based on precision medicine, for the treatment of infectious diseases, including serious hospital infections, as well as infections that, without being severe, require treatment.

Aligned with this vision, ABAC is devoting significant resources to screen various compound collections to identify new molecules that meet the 4 innovation criteria established by the WHO:

“We need targeted antibiotics that kill specific pathogens irrespective of where in the body they are causing disease, rather than general agents that kill any pathogen in a particular body site. Since 2014, ABAC Therapeutics has been committed to the research and development of new antibiotics based on this modern and precision medicine approach.”

Domingo Gargallo-Viola


ABAC Therapeutics is committed to disruptively innovating in products and in drug discovery strategy.

Looking for compounds with pathogen-specific or narrow spectrum of activity, to promote an ambitious paradigm shift. Aimed at replacing broad-spectrum compounds, ending empirical treatment of infections, and disseminating the use of diagnostic techniques.

ABAC Therapeutics has developed its proprietary Drug Discovery Platform PasNas, designed to identify «high quality leads», to produce candidates with the highest probability of succees in clinical development, derived from a more effective approach to characterize and prioritize Hit and Leads.

PasNas is a highly scalable and multiplexed platform that is adaptable to compounds of any chemical nature and can be applied against any target and bacterial species.